What I Do


Need to make some noise? I can do that. Press releases, hard-news, features, – you name it – I have a decade of publication experience and a Rolodex to help you out.

I also do social media, web design, campaign emails and engagement reports. I can tailor a media package that best suits you, your non-profit, candidate or business.



I have spent my career championing for candidates, non-profits, and coalitions as a communications consultant. When you work with me, you get someone who knows the field and goes the extra mile. I am not only skillful, I am well-read.

Words matter. I take the time to understand why and for whom.


& Advice

Check out my blog! If you’ve ever been a young person with many doubts about themselves, institutions, or the universe, good news: I can relate! There’s gold at the end of this rainbow. It’s called “& Advice.”