& Advice

“Advice is often for the giver, not the receiver.”

-Quoth someone I can’t recall.

This is a blog for the kids who grew up in the sticks, and came to town looking for something more. Who “got there,” and were real confused.

This is a blog for the young people who ever doubted themselves. Who felt like a fish out of water.

Who sought help, but found the person who was supposed to be helpful, to fall short or fail them (adults are flawed??).

In my short life thus far, there are many moments where I wish I had a mentor. And now I’ve fumbled around long enough to know that I can be one, for a little more than a handful of circumstances.

I hope you find the entries that follow this one to be helpful. I can’t wait to share my life lessons with you, answer questions, and offer up advice.

Take it or leave it. Connection is what matters, and knowing you’re not alone.

Yours truly,

Molly Gene