August 6, 2017

I couldn’t even begin to–well I am–describe the unique sensation I have about this rain, Louisville, Sunday creativity, of connection, and feeling all at once the heartache of human existence. Of knowing somehow, that you’re in the right place and time to make the next logical jump. Oh how I love this freedom. This ache. This unknown. Basking in the sun of uncertainty and floating in the sea of life and connection. Of being in the current and enjoying the present. And to know that a life fully lived is one that doesn’t let assumptions dictate the next iteration, of you.

I saw a man attempt to put

his front bike tire

on, while balancing frame

upright, tucked in armpit

walking, I stabilized it with

my right, held

umbrella in left

my conscience suddenly swept

in recognition of

the human condition.

I smiled


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