Meeting of Fayette Co. Women’s Network

Moments ago, I left The Fayette County Women’s Network meeting. I have two major items to comment on. Attendance, and Kentucky State Representative Kelly Flood (75th District, Lexington Southside).

A woman sitting to the right of me and Vice Mayor Steve Kay said, “This is one of the best turnouts we’ve had in a long time.”

And it was. The basement of St. Raphael’s Episcopal Church was so full they ran out of folding chairs. Some sat on the couches in the back.

When Representative Flood spoke for the evening, the first thing she mentioned was how happy she was to see such a turnout. This is what we have been seeing everywhere, since the inauguration, Flood explained to the group.

Resistance in attendance. And in the heart of America.

With the gusto of a minister, Representative Flood engaged the room with her story. What is it like being in the state house for nearly a decade? What has she learned? Patience and perseverance, which we must continue to have during this new administration.

When Flood woke up the morning Trump was announced president-elect, she said her path was so clear in her mind. She would advocate even more fiercely on behalf of the LGBTQ community, women’s health, and education.

I was so energized to hear her story, given with such fervor. Her dedication to work across party lines.

Some have told Flood that she needed to reach higher. Run for a Congressional seat. But no, she chooses to stay in the Kentucky House, because that’s where the real battleground is.

Flood has been busy lately. And there have been times where they (KY legislators) weren’t very busy at all. But she encouraged constituents to keep calling. To keep scheduling meetings. To keep meeting with their legislators.

After 95 years of Democratic control, the House has gone red. But what this means is that many of the seats were given to first time candidates. Flood explained that those new representatives are malleable. They will listen to you. Call them. Meet with them. Tell them your concerns as a Kentuckian.

If you’re interested in attending the next meeting please visit and don’t forget to email

I’d love to see you there.



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