The Sen Connection

There is a much different sense of connectedness and community here. Mumbai is bursting at the seams with people. Because there is so little space, so much pressure from incoming Indian migrants, and fewer resources, people–families and neighbors–have to depend on one another to survive.

This dependence creates healthy relationships and a thriving community.

Dependence isn’t a bad thing. It emphasizes unity and staying together.

My friend Rika grew up in an apartment complex. Her parents live with her grandmother. Everyone is close. They share their space lovingly.

Comparatively, my life has been exposed to ample space in Kentucky. I’ve had the privledge of calling many acres of grass my own without confrontation. 

My parents divorced when I was 5 0r 6. And my youth was shared in multiple houses. Even today I visit my grandparents, sister and her husband, father, in separate houses. Each miles apart.

Individualism marks this stark contrast in America.

Love and the necessity for family connection is teaming in this apartmenthold. 

Any other arrangement would be nonsensical.


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