New Year’s Update; Life Trajectories

My temp job became temporary more quickly than I imagined. Which is fine. I learned important lessons there, but my intuition told me it wasn’t the right fit.

After working at a place where I spent a quarter of my day on Google Maps, the day I was let go I decided to book a flight to India.

Not incredibly on a whim. Over the summer, while visiting graduate friends in Australia I was invited to come by my friend Rika, who grew up in Bombay, India. I said I’d be there. Thankfully—by a whimsical trail of sporadic events—I am still able to go.

I’ve been told I need to get vaccinated and buy malaria pills. I’ve also been told that’s overcautious, and that I’ll be fine.

I’m curious as to what I’ll see. But more importantly how it will shift my perspective. What will there be to do next? To tackle. Discover…whatever.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do next in my life. Because getting a job in DC right now is like trying to squeeze through a really tiny door that’s also closing at the same time.

Do I:

Return home to Kentucky to meditate, write, and work?

Because it is New Year’s Eve I constructed potential goals for the year. Finding my dream job isn’t necessarily one of those goals. It’s honestly things like: apply to teach English in Spain and to learn Spanish. Take the LSAT.

Anything that will broaden my horizons so that I may catch a possible future as I carousel through life.

We are silly to think that life is anything but a carousel. How narrow-minded it is to perceive time and life events as linear.

Imagine also a circular wreath, made of twigs. Throughout life—like the book title: The Hobbit: There and Back Again—we are destined to travel round the wreath’s circumference.

But there are branches. These branches, the way they fork, sprawl, and twist inward are the possibilities of potential futures. The forks in the twigs symbolize our choices. Layered among other branches, circulated around a plane, which we perceive to be time.

How foolish are we to assume that our lives are going forward in a cardinal direction.

Like walking around the globe, a sphere, we ultimately come back to where we started. Whether that be location, or the transformation of ourselves as matter.


One thought on “New Year’s Update; Life Trajectories

  1. Vikki Swisher says:

    I love this paragraph “Anything that will broaden my horizons so that I may catch a possible future as I carousel through life.”




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