Last Thursday I decided to stop wasting away in Washington and drive on back to the Homestead: Lexington, Kentucky.

Being back in the bluegrass has its perks. Garden grown food. Meemee’s (grandmother’s) oven-baked cinnamon toast for breakfast. Pappy’s antics. He ran the back of the truck into the pool heater yesterday. Which exploded. Then he proceeded to make tire marks in the grass out of frustration. And oh yeah, helping out my sister who happens to be a vintage clothing store owner (that’s not annoying to read at all).

To be fair, I like to basque in her cool by association. I’ve had many unfashionable moments. Take me back to 5th grade: I’m putting on pants for school. 13-year-old Lauralee walks into my bedroom and says condescendingly, “Why are you wearing high-waters?” Quite frankly I didn’t even know why. I was a neurotic space cadet that dressed for recess and kicking boys in the shins.

Thanks to Lauralee, I’ve been able to properly integrate into society.

Below are photos of me helping Lauralee take photographs of fall items for her website: https://foxhousevintage.us

Proof that we both can be crafty with minimal materials, all it took was some cool clothes, a white back drop, and a point-n-shoot camera or iPhone.

Fox House 4.jpg






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