The “Never Enough” Fear & Job Hunting

Job hunting is like waking up every day thinking you need something you don’t have. Unemployment feels like being shocked by a dog collar. ZAP! Who do you think you are? ZAP! You’ve got to start another day again. ZAP! Applying aimlessly into the application portal. 

After a number of days this can wear on someone.

Then one day you wake up and stop caring as much. This happened to me. And only when I started building myself up, working actively on myself, did I see that I could get closer to what I desire.

My friend Yasheng told me that we build edifices around our gaping holes of desire. Fortresses of ornamentation. Some are purposeful structures, like purchasing a new pair of professional kitten heels for the workforce I haven’t entered yet. Others are talismans in dedication to what we wish to pursue or achieve, like this blog or reading a self help book.

But what is great about creating these mental, physical, and ornamental structures around our desires, like finding a job, is that they create a sense of hope. Not the emotion. But hope as the cognitive thought process of determination, tolerance, and perseverance in the face of adversity and uncertainty.

Soon we begin to become what we want to achieve (ahem* a woman of advertising and marketing), even without the job title. We become proactive in the mindset of becoming, so when the interview arrives we already:

  • Know who we are
  • What we want
  • What we are capable of
  • And how we can get there

Eventually we do. We slowly, in this process, develop what’s called a hopeful thought process. We become a self fulfilling prophecy that allows us to embrace growth when we are ready. Not when we can be blindsided.

Perhaps this is why so many people agree that most things worth having require hard work and do not come easy.



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